Aries - A Burning we will Die --- Chapter 15

Erin drove back into the town to visit a 21year old woman who had suffered burnt areas on her buttocks. The scenario wasn’t clear but the accident had occurred at some staff party. The young woman sat perched forward in her chair but got up to pace around while Erin tried to write up a plausible history.
“Keely, the report says your underwear caught on fire from an ignited lighter at a party. Someone sure was careless.”
“Yeah, me.” The woman stretched out face down on the bed and lifted her night shirt up for Erin to remove the bandages.
Erin peeled the tapes off, checked the butt wounds, cleansed the areas using a disinfectant solution and then rubbed in the antibiotic cream. “Your bottom’s healing nicely with this ointment. You only have a singed area streaking across the buttocks and a circular hole on the left, about the size of a quarter.” She looked at the girl. “You said you burnt yourself. Were you all drinking?”
“Of course, we were. This whole affair is sure embarrassing.” The girl sighed. “All the people at that party know what happened so this tidbit will fly around at the office forever. I’m such a jerk.”
“Since the accident’s not top secret, what actually did happen?” Erin asked.
“Oh, everyone had lots of garlic food and beer so we all got gassy, right?”
“Of course, Keely, but what has that have to do with the burn?”
The woman turned her head to look at Erin. “Geez, Nurse. Have you never heard of blue angels?”
Erin shrugged. “I must be getting old. Is this some new kind of drink?”
The girl laughed. “No. After eating the gassy food, everyone tries to see who can get out the loudest fart. Then, you hold a lighter near your asshole and try for a really big one. Your expelled gas throws off a neat blue flame. So they’re called blue angels.”
Erin held the bandage suspended in the air, then shook her head and resumed dressing the wound. “Um, does someone count or measure these productions?”
“Oh, no. But I didn’t want to be butt naked so I left my panties on, but dammit, they caught on fire. Guess that was stupid. So here I am, butt wrapped now.”
“Yes, so here you are.” Erin grinned. “Hey, maybe you need a lot more practice, once your bottom heals.”
“Nah, everyone tries to do something against the norm. Safer fun than sex games, drugs or car racing, if you’re careful.”

“By careful, you mean the next time you’ll take your pants off?” Erin asked.
“No way!” She shook her head in the pillow. “I’ve learned my lesson. Perhaps I’ll do like some of the other girls and go flash my boobies.”
Erin turned her head to the side and coughed over a laugh, then she took a deep breath. “Who do they flash their, um, boobs at?”
“Mostly guys, sometimes women for the shock effect.” The girl’s voice deepened. “Not too close though or they might think the exposing is a naughty invitation. Best when they’re going by in a car or boat, or a train but you shouldn’t ever flash alone.”
“Good advice. I’ll keep that in mind.” She taped on the last gauze bandage. “Once there’s no drainage we’ll leave the wound open to air. The wound will heal faster.”
Keely sat up. “Nurse, with your knockers, you’d be a great flasher. I could be the backup but I’m smaller busted. You know, you’d get a big rush from life’s boredom.”
Erin laughed. “Thanks for the offer, Keely, but I can’t imagine being that bored.”
She left and flew through her care of the next soon-to-be-discharged clients, catching herself remembering and grinning at the images evoked from visiting Keely with her explanation of the burned buttocks.