Betty Biggs Guenette

aka Betty Guenette & B.B. Guenette

Writer of articles, short stories, novels & plays

Member of Sudbury Writer's Guild & the Canadian Author's Association

Betty has published the first volume, A Burning We Will Die, of a twelve-book murder series with an amateur nurse protagonist, Erin Rine, adding a smattering of astrology overtones and a light comedic approach—to murder? Betty spent many years working as a Registered Nurse in various intensive hospital areas and communities. The diverse clientele offered her an insight into people and their problems of living and dying which she assimilated into her preference of writing the mystery story. 

Erin Rine Mystery Series

Blurbs of the first four mysteries plus ideas for eight more novels.

VideoIntroducing Erin Rine

1) ARIES- A Burning we will Die


cover small

Sample – Chapter 15

Erin Fine, an Aries fire sign and community nurse in the North, burns with curiosity as her clients are murdered. Sparks fly when encountering the investigating officer. But, will she survive a confrontation with the killer when flames erupt after the third murder. Nurses are supposed to care for bodies, not find murdered ones. Erin’s elderly psychic friend often slips into her knowing zone; presenting ambiguous premonitions that often point Erin in fiery directions. Will the killer destroy her in the flames?

2) TAURUS - Unstable Graves (2024)

Sample –  Chapter 20

Taurus book photo

Erin plows her way through mud and bear country to track a killer and help clear their friend Mark from suspicion of murder. She even portrays a reluctant hooker to dig up clues and find a missing witness. Following bush trails that threaten with lurking animals and ominous mudslides she seeks answers for the three buried victims.

A few dogs along with an elderly friend’s portentous nattering of obscure facts help Erin follow the track of a killer. But, a dangerous route leads toward swallowing her in an earthen tomb when the murderer lays a trap to force her to save an Asian girl after temporary graves reveal three other bodies.

3) GEMINI - Breathe Your Last

Sample –  Chapter 6

Lack of air is fatal. The carbon monoxide death of a male vet–accident, suicide or murder? A vindictive wife, a caring brother, a crazy girlfriend, a female vet and a gay vet are some of the people under suspicion. Erin, a nurse attendant escorting air flight patients in the North, has an emergency bush landing and meets two escaped felons, one a former partner of the living, gay vet, the other a sadistic perpetrator, both on the run and desparate.

Erin’s taekwondo skills endeavor to aid her in saving the injured pilots and a young native boy from disaster by wanted felons.

4) CANCER - Underwater Deaths

Drowning of elderly camp owner centers around an outdoor camp for children. Stablemen at race track are endangered by an unknown source. Erin needs to diffuse a hot, aggressive female from pursuing her unsociable, alarmed brother.

5) LEO- August /fire.

Bush fires at Lake Panache cottage

6) VIRGO- Sept. /earth

Graveyard- some graves desecrated

7) LIBRA - Oct/air.

Windstorms-hospital transport

8) SCORPIO - Nov/water.

Halloween-class reunion-pool party

9) SAGITTARIUS - Dec/fire.

Fire in hospital-evacuate patients-arson

10) CAPRICORN - Jan/earth.

Collapsed mining tunnels

11) AQUARIUS - Feb/air.

Flight to Paris?

12) PISCES - March/water.

Out west-floods?